Seabeck Highway Feeder Installation

Constructed new express underground 34.5kv feeder. Behind the substation, installed a single phase underground termination and 1/0 cable to intercept current cable and spliced in a new feed.

We abandoned the old feeder and removed the pole, wire and switch that fed it. We also installed a new underground feeder termination with 500 MCM copper cable, to be operated at 34.5kv.


Cable Remediation

Potelco performed the underground civil work necessary to replace underground electrical cable.

This work included the following: bored 1-4″ from a vault 520 feet to a new 660. Bored 1-4″ from the 660 100 feet to a to a pole. Bored 1-4″ from the 660 230 feet. Trenched 1-2″ 1548 feet off of 1 pole, 4 existing vaults and 1 new 504. Bored 1-4″ 175 feet. Bored 1-4″ from pole 142 feet to a vault. Bored 1-2″ from a vault 98 feet then turn and bored an additional 118 feet to a vault.