Our substation services team has completed dozens of expansion and greenfield construction projects, as well as performing maintenance on breakers, switches and relays. We know what it takes to get your new substation sited, designed, permitted and constructed. We have technicians and journeymen with the skills and experience to maintain and operate your substation, whatever style or vintage. Let Potelco help you keep one of your most valuable assets working reliably and efficiently.


Substation Construction

Harborton Substation Construction
Potelco Substation Services has completed hundreds of projects throughout the West Coast and have worked with most of the major utilities on the West Coast. We specialize in greenfield, brownfield and energized substation projects. We are proud to employ some of the most qualified personnel in the industry. We place the highest priority on the safety and quality of our product, while making sure your job is delivered on time and on budget.

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