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Project Management

Construction and maintenance projects have become increasingly complex, and Potelco has continued to develop a project management team to match your needs. Our project managers have the education and experience needed to provide all your project requirements, from the most straight-forward to the most complicated. We take pride in our ability and commitment to communicate effectively and completely with all the stakeholders involved and we have the tools to provide accurate and current cost and schedule information. In addition to providing ongoing information, we will offer suggestions through proper channels that could add value to the project. We believe in helping you find the best path to the safest, highest quality, timely and cost effective project possible.

Quanta Services Project Management Program

At Potelco, we are proud to support our project managers through the Quanta Services Performance Management Program (QPM). As our commitment to safety aligns with Quanta’s our employees are encouraged to participate in the QPM program. This program aims to elevate our project managers to a higher level of safety standards and ultimately striving for zero incidents every day in the workplace. The QPM program insures that our project managers are developed into leaders of safety.

Project Communication

Potelco offers comprehensive project communication services in order to better inform utility customers about scheduled construction projects. Potelco has the resources and expertise to contact utility customers prior to construction start. Our communication program ensures that customers understand the benefit of the project, what to expect during construction and allows us to address any questions or concerns before the project begins. This program has been effective with utility customers in many jurisdictions and can be used in both residential and commercial projects.

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