Spanaway Loop

Replaced approximately 1,615 circuit feet of 3-phase 336 ACSR conductor with 3-phase 336 ACSR tree wire conductor, replaced approximately 1,550 feet of 3 phase 336 ACSR conductor with #2 ACSR tree wire conductor. Replaced 7 distribution poles and installed avian protection.


Cle Elum Upper Peoh Feeder

Installed 25 poles, pulled approximately 6,000 feet of 397 double circuit wire in the Cle Elum area.

The crews installed two 600 amp, gang operated switches during this project. This project was designed to connect two circuits creating more reliability in the infrastructure.


Fitness Repair

Potelco performed FITNESS repair work on transmission and distribution facilities in the greater Portland area.

We provided a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to perform facility inspections and repair work. We helped our client maintain current electrical standards and provided the peace of mind that they meet the standards set in the national electric safety code.