EV Charging Stations

Potelco has teamed up with Energy Services West to help bring more charging solutions to the Pacific Northwest. These EV charging stations will provide Level 2 AC Chargers and Level 3 DC Fast Charging options to consumers. Level 2 chargers typically charge a vehicle in 5-6 hours, while level 3 chargers take less than an hour.

Our crews have spent the last several months completing multiple charging stations across Washington and Oregon. What makes Potelco unique in this market is our relationship we have with the local utility providers. Not only is Potelco responsible for the civil and electrical scopes for these projects – but we were also responsible for constructing the primary and secondary routes for the utility provider. With this added ability – we can reduce construction timelines. Currently, Potelco is taking an average of 2.5 months to complete the construction of these projects with our dedicated civil and electrical crews.

Rock Creek Substation in Hillsboro, OR

Rock Creek Substation

Greenfield 115kV-13.8kV substation located in Hillsboro, Oregon built for PGE. The project included all civil, structural, electrical and landscaping activities.


Substation Construction

Potelco was responsible for the installation of conduits, vaults and ground grid, arranged for delivery and placement of transformer, metal clad and switch gear and capacitor bank.

Our team also constructed DE towers, switch stands, bus supports, CVT stands and low side switch. We installed three 115kv gas breakers and wired the yard apparatus and control house.


Substation Construction

Potelco constructed a 10 acre substation site.

The complete civil construction included drainage, foundations, rock work, street lights, roadway improvements, and containment of the area. Constructing this substation also included the electrical assembly, transformer installation, control house, metal clad switchgear, 115kv ring bus, SF-6 gas breakers, control cabling, capacitor bank, terminations and electrical testing. Our team was able to execute this project from the ground up with a level dedication to safety and professionalism.