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Engineering and Design

Potelco is able to provide design and engineering services for all utility needs. Our engineering staff offers some of the most experienced and well trained minds in the industry. Our staff contains specialists on joint utility design, system relocation design, overhead and underground distribution circuit design. We also provide engineering and designs for new transmission lines and transmission uprates. Our staff is well trained and up to date on applying the latest in design standards and codes, acquiring permits and operating rights. We are experts in meeting the needs of customers on a wide range of special projects and can easily coordinate with other utilities to see that these projects are accomplished timely and accurately.

Potelco has a staff of engineers fully capable of designing your next project. Our team is equipped with talented engineers creating innovative designs ready for construction. We are experts in coordinating with other utilities in order to meet the needs of customers on special projects. Our staff is is also trained and skilled in design standards and codes, and in the acquisition of permits and operating rights.