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Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company that has roots as a family run business we make every attempt to do the right thing when it comes to our people and the community around us. We have various company wide initiatives that impact the community and the environment positively.

Liquid Natural Gas

Over the last three years we have worked to convert our fleet of vehicles from diesel fuel to cleaner liquid natural gas. We have bucket trucks, dump trucks, line trucks and one ton trucks that run exclusively on liquid natural gas. We currently have over 150 LNG powered vehicles in our fleet at multiple locations throughout Western Washington. We will continue to convert our existing diesel powered vehicles over the next few years, continuing to go green with LNG.

Electric Vehicles

Potelco is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and we have added electric vehicles to our fleet. We have charging stations at our facilities allowing us and our clients to travel without the use of fossil fuels. We have bases located along the Interstate 5 corridor and we can easily travel between them using electric vehicles. We also have some hybring electric vehicles as well as 100% electric powered vehicles.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED): A computerized medical potential life-saving device that analyzes heart rhythm to detect cardiac arrest and/or life-threatening heart rhythms and deliver an electric shock to the heart if necessary. We provide training to all of our employees on appropriate AED use and complete monthly visual inspections to ensure all devices are operable. Our program goal is to increase the rate of survival for people who have sudden cardiac arrests. The AED program is designed to provide equipment and training to enhance life safety response measures. AED's make it possible for trained and untrained responders to administer defibrillation prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services.

These devices are located in every foreman truck as well as our office locations. Over the course of the past two years we have successfully saved three lives.