Greetings, for the past few weeks we have been hard at work updating our web site. Please check back soon to see the latest projects Potelco is working on.


Potelco, Inc.

Power and telecommunications are everything. They run our homes, schools, and businesses. Potelco is your partner in delivering power and telecommunications to the people of the Pacific Northwest and beyond through our complete family of services.

For nearly 50 years, our team at Potelco has been providing engineering and design along with construction and maintenance services to customers throughout the United States. Our services include transmission and distribution power lines, specialized civil construction, fiber optic systems, as well as aerial and underground telecommunications.

Potelco provides much more than construction services. We are constantly looking for ways to provide new and innovative provisions to our clients, as well as improve the many services we already offer. Our Potelco team has extensive experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on the unique approaches we take in developing solutions and results that work for you.